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Announcing the PEAK 2020 Annual Meeting and Board Election

Right now, we know our members are busy adjusting to many new normals – working from home while also taking care of family, quickly streamlining grantmaking practices to better serve grantees at this crucial moment, and adapting to life during the uncharted times of a pandemic.   Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, one thing that hasn’t changed is that PEAK Grantmaking is still, at our core, a membership association. We are member-led and member-driven to bring grants management professionals together … Continued


Weekly Reads – April 3, 2020

A roundup of timely insight from the grantmaking community and beyond.


By the Numbers: Exploring the Black experience in philanthropy

In exploring the Black experience in philanthropy, it’s necessary to start by naming the roots of philanthropy and its continuing challenges around diversification – of boards, executive leaders, staff, grantees, and partners. Despite, or perhaps because of, philanthropy’s roots in oppressive practices, it becomes even more important to have the conversation and to take action … Continued


Assimilation and Authenticity: Being Black+ in Philanthropy

As I write this, I am struggling to find the right words to start the conversation between you and me. I want to make sure I am clear and concise, but the feelings I am giving a voice to aren’t clear nor concise. These feelings are HEAVY, and not only do they come with a … Continued


How to Support Black Professionals Through Philanthropic Culture and Grantmaking Practice

Culture beats strategy every time. When you make an explicit connection between your values and your organizational culture, norms, and practices, you will hire and retain a more diverse staff. Consider these recommendations for developing a more equitable and inclusive organizational culture that clearly demonstrates how you value diversity, equity, and inclusion.